J2ME Application Development

J2ME Zeegmo has a team of expert J2ME developers having experience in developing J2ME mobile applications using MIDP and additional API (Mobile Media API, Wireless Messaging API, security and Trust Services API for J2ME, Parsing API, LWUIT API, J2ME Web Services APIs etc.)
Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, or J2ME, is a Java platform designed for embedded systems (mobile devices are one kind of such systems) . Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones (especially feature phones) and set-top boxes. J2Me provides robust framework for applications that run on any devices such as Mobile phone, PDA, and other embedded devices.

Zeegmo offers the following application development solution and services to its clients:

  • J2ME business application development
  • J2ME entertainment applications development
  • J2ME client-server applications development
  • Native J2ME applications based on CLDC/MIDP
  • Blackberry application development using low-level in J2ME
  • Development with Twitter and Facebook APIs
  • Mobile based Survey System

J2ME Mobile Applications:

J2ME J2ME Mobile Applications is the widely accepted platform for wireless phones from leading phones manufacturers such as Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and Samsung. Our team of J2ME Application developers have good experience in J2ME Mobile Applications development, designing and porting them across different handsets. Our expertise create and implement event driven user interfaces, using high level and low level application programming interfaces (APIs) , Implement local data storage in devices using record management system (RMS) and J2ME MICRO DB. Our expertise in the J2ME application development allows us to deliver off-the-shelf, cost beneficial applications, multimedia user experience.