Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates We are a provide a wide variety of sliding doors that is used in various industries or oragnisation. These security sliding gates can be easily installed on new construction or existing gates and doors. Our motive is completely designed to provide complete security and can be handled in a rough manner. The range comprises of security sliding gates and security sliding doors. We provides or construct the sliding gates on demands. These sliding gates are designed to provide complete ease in installation. We can deliver these in a wide range of heights as per the specific end application needs of the customer

Features of sliding gates:

  • Manual power can be used in case of power failure.
  • Ease to install.
  • Encapsulated with fast unlock device with personalized key.
  • Low maintenance needed.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors We providing one of the best security systems and solutions.we provide automatic doors can be operated with motion sensors, remote control, push button switches, etc. Our automatic door systems are mostly used in Hotels, Airports, Banquet Halls, Super Markets,oragnisation ,companies ,industries and Main Gates of residences.

Features of sliding doors:

  • Made in anti-jerk device which prevents damage to the automatic system.
  • Self locking system operators suitable for industries or organisations.
  • Self braking operator with electronic slow down function.

Swing Gate

Swing Gates We provide Swing Gate Systems offer to ease way to open and close your main gate using a remote control or from guard room or inside the house using a push button.

Features of swing gates:

  • Ease to install in existing Swing Gates.
  • Easily operated by means of a remote control from inside your car or ranging area.
  • A special electrical lock offers the automatic locking of gate.