Restaurant E-Menu

What made us to create Restaurant E-Menu

iPad Soon long and well established traditional paper menus will be replaced by our low cost E-menu’s (that comes with the FREE TRIAL OFFER OF FULL FEATURED EMENU ) with significant market research, has been welcomed by most restaurant managers in Europe. Zeegmo E-Menu will bring the change in global countries with a new ‘Digital Menu’ in hospitality industry.
Electronic menu’s have gained popularity in various hotels and restaurants in America, Europe and few Asian countries as well. E-menus multiple functionality and features is turning it into a necessity day by day.

Restaurant E-Menu Benefits :

Easy to Implement:
We deliver a true “TURN KEY” eMenu solution. We deliver emenu software installed inside Pads,android based Tablet wrapped with luxurious leather menu cover ready to use by your guests in matter of minutes. Zeegmo E-Menu technical staff install your menu, logo, fonts, colors, etc. On the servers, they take care of all connectivity’s and you are ready to use our innovative eMenus in less than 1 hour.

Easy to Update:
In the fast moving world, where every day a new dish is invented discovered and tried, the main aim of every food serving establishment is to provide “Variety” to their guests. Zeegmo E-Menu helps to effectively achieve this with its simple upgrading and modification options. In addition to this, in numerous festive seasons, appropriate themes can be used to add fun to the menu.

Lower costs:
Average cost of the paper menu is $100 to $200 for a reasonable size set, that is used in a medium scale to top scale restaurants/hotels with addition of two or three times this cost for annual updates in menus. The total ‘one’ time cost of updating paper menus for three years can reach up to approximately $300 to $600, which is pretty higher than the cost of Zeegmo E-Menu.

Improving Restaurant Brand Identity and improvements in sales :
With this menu display system you can stay ahead in terms of technology and create a niche in the market of service and comfort, thus cutting competition in a unique way. It will assist and place entertainment at the table, for an enjoyable dining experience for your customers then feeling good about returning.

Effective source of income:
Zeegmo E-Menu allows the users to build an additional source of income through the advertising of banner ads in the empty spaces within the screen.

Customer Satisfaction:
Zeegmo E-Menu brings the customers to a state of complete satisfaction. This is due to the enormous attention and service they receive through this system. It also gives them a different eating experience and a sure “Visit Again” thought, thus building regular customers.